Seremedi is a resident company at JLABS @ TMC

Who We Are

We are clinicians, patients, caregivers, security management experts, data and medical informatics scientists with proven experience in delivering commercial software that supports organizational goals. 

The Seremedi team is committed to improving the perioperative care experience for clinicians and patients enabling the best possible recovery outcomes while minimizing avoidable risks and costs.

Seremedi, Inc. was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


We are committed to raising the health, wellbeing and economic vitality of our communities.

Our Mission

To help hospitals reduce preventable readmissions and ensure patients receive the personalized care required for the best recovery outcomes.

The Seremedi Team

Kim Bond Evans


Kim is an experienced CEO and senior executive with a proven track record for building exceptional teams and growing businesses. She was previously President of Blue Lance, a pioneer in security management, CEO of SVT and Director of Strategic Investments and Acquisitions at Microsoft. She is a committed healthcare advocate.

Cody Menard


Cody is a former Bell Labs engineer and computer scientist with expertise in designing large commercial software systems. He is an accomplished and experienced architect, software engineer and senior technical executive that has delivered large systems to market that remain on the market today driving millions in revenue for Microsoft and Symantec.